Visual Developer
UX Writer
UX Researcher

Hi, I’m Olaolu (Or-lah-o-luh), a no-code web developer from Nigeria.

I build websites that help brands make meaningful impact with Framer and Webflow. In addition, I am a UX writer and researcher, which helps me work solo or collaborate with teams to add value.


I built a landing page to help Careh Africa achieve its mission of improving healthcare across Africa, one community at a time.


I strive to know the why, what, and how of what you’re building. Knowing them is like hitting a purple patch; they help me speak for both you and your audience.
That’s because I started out as a UX writer, so by instinct, I am user first, but because business goal is also key, I aim for that win-win sweet spot where business bottomline and user goal wins.